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Jarrett on Trump's S.O.B. Statement: 'I Couldn't Even Sleep At Night Before A Game'

As he does every Tuesday, Atlanta defensive tackle Grady Jarrett joined Dukes & Bell to talk everything Falcons. Before the conversation drifted toward Atlanta's Week 3 win over Detroit or the upcoming matchup versus the Bills, Dukes & Bell asked Jarrett about taking a knee during the national anthem in Detroit.

Jarrett gave a heartfelt response, which you can see in the video above.

Some of the defensive tackles comments:

  • Trump's comments on Friday in Alabama "struck me deep," Jarrett said.
  • The presidents comments struck him so deep "that I couldn't sleep at night before a game," said Jarrett.
  • Jarrett explained that his protest had nothing to do with his love for the flag. "I'm proud to be an American," he said. Jarrett travels with the team to many USO events and Atlanta works with Navy SEAL members during the offseason.
  • "I did not appreciate, or respect, the comments of the president," said Jarrett.

Then Jarrett moved into foot ball mode and talked about the win over the Lions and Buffalo coming up in Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Sunday.


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