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Georgia High Court Reverses Murder Conviction, Life Sentence

ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia's highest court has tossed a man's murder conviction and life sentence, saying the trial court shouldn't have allowed the jury to hear a statement he made during interrogation.

A Georgia Supreme Court opinion published Monday says Michael Denay Grant had already "unequivocally invoked his right to remain silent" when he made the statement.

Grant was convicted in the 2013 slaying of Christopher Walker.

The statement exonerated Grant's cousin, who was also present, but also "arguably" incriminated Grant.

Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard's office didn't respond to an email asking whether prosecutors plan to retry Grant.

The high court upheld the conviction and life-without-parole sentence of Richard Davidson, who was accused of fatally shooting Walker. Grant told police he drove the car in which Davidson fled.

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