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Funny Gifts For Dad And Mom Under $50

Mom and Dad may have it all, but their reaction to a funny gift this holiday season will be priceless.

Because a good laugh should be affordable, CBS Essentials has found a handful of funny gifts under $50 perfect for Mom and Dad. (These items also double as good white elephant gifts for an upcoming holiday party.) Whether it's a travel bidet or a silly card, these gifts from Uncommon Goods, Amazon and more will bring the laughs this holiday season.

Bathtime Essentials wine holder

Bathtime Essentials wine holder Uncommon Goods

This bathtime wine holder may be funny at first glance, but it's actually kind of... handy. Picture soaking in the tub without the threat of your wine glass toppling in.

Bathtime Essentials Wine Holder, $38

Fowl Language bird coffee mug

Fowl Language bird coffee mug AlwaysFits

Your favorite birdwatcher needs this fowl language coffee mug. It's covered in all the naughtiest-sounding birds, from the dickcissel to the bearded tit.

Fowl Language bird coffee mug, $15 (reduced from $19)

Cold beer coats

Cold beer coats Uncommon Goods

It's cold out there! Keep everyone's hands warm this holiday with these puffer jacket koozies. Even the coolest of craft beers will want to wear one.

Cold beer coats, $13

Tushy Travel

Tushy Travel Tushy

Gift your favorite camper this travel bidet. It's collapsible, discreet and comes in four different colors. The concept may lead to giggles at first, but they'll actually love using it.

Tushy Travel bidet, $29

Tortilla blanket

Tortilla blanket Amazon

They'll be snug as a bug in a rug in this tortilla blanket. Get wrapped up burrito-style in this blanket that comes in four different sizes.

Tortilla blanket, $19

Potty Putter toilet golf

Potty Putter toilet golf Amazon

This toilet golf set, which claims to "help even the crappiest golfer improve their putting game," includes everything Mom or Dad needs to turn a bathroom into a golf hole: a mini putter, two balls, the hole (with flag) and a do-not-disturb sign to hang on the bathroom door.

Potty Putter toilet golf, $15

The Original Wine Condoms

The Original Wine Condoms Amazon

Wrap up your open wine bottles with these gold-packaged wine condoms. They're funny and 99.9% effective.

The Original Wine Condoms, $15

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