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Rick and Johns Full Bag of a 5 at 10

Rick and John recap one of the most talked about sports weekends in history with the 5 at 10.

John, live from New Orleans in preparation for the Falcons/Saints game and Rick in Atlanta talk about the biggest news of the weekend, but start with the Falcons. A big Monday night football game against their biggest rival. It will be an emotional night in New Orleans, but do they  have what it takes to beat Drew Brees? John talks about some of the sights and sounds from the town.

To the NCAA and UGA who lost in an ugly fashion. They break down exactly what  happened and if there is anything that can be done to fix the issues. LSU fired Les Miles after the last second loss to Auburn. Whats next?

From there it was a sad weekend as Marlins Pitcher Jose Fernandez and golf legend Arnold Palmer both die Sunday. They talk about the emotions around Sunday. Finally, we hear from the legend Vin Scully on his last call.

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