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Frontline Response hits big milestone battling sex trafficking, homelessness

ATLANTA (CW69 News at 10) -- Members of a local organization are working on the front lines to rescue people from homelessness and sex trafficking. They've reached a big milestone of 3,000 rescues and held an event to celebrate the occasion.

For members of the Christian-based non-profit organization called Frontline Response, the achievements and breakthroughs just keep coming, both for the organization and for the people they've rescued from sex trafficking and homelessness. The organization also provides youth prevention services to help create positive outcomes for children.

On their website, they share interviews and testimonies of people who have received assistance through their programs and are now serving the community.

Frontline Response CEO Dan Palmer's family launched the organization in 2003, and the rescue effort started in 2011.

"Rescue means being with people that have found themselves in a place that they cannot get out and need somebody to come alongside them to give them hope, but not just hope, give them a resource," said Palmer.

"Our mission remains steadfast, and the theme for this year for the organization being strength and stability," said Frontline Response senior development director Greg Clay.

The mission has also opened doors to phase one of their new DeKalb County location where they're expanding their resources. Workers and volunteers are on the front lines every day, building relationships, providing food and encouragement, and giving individuals the choice of starting a new chapter.

"To be a frontliner, from my vantage point, is to be able to go out to love on people, to give them a safe place to be able to make a dignified choice," said community engagement Manager Kemberly English. "We're either a person that plants the seed or we're someone that waters it, but regardless of wherever we find ourselves on someone's journey, we're always making a positive impact."

Frontline Response is looking for more people and partners to help support its mission.

"Tragedy is in the world. We will not run from it. We will not hide from it. We will run to it," said Palmer. "The true heroes are our volunteers. They don't get paid. They give up hours and time.

For more information on how you can help Frontline Response, click here.

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