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Fricke: Top 5 Bold Predictions for College Football 2015

It's a ledge, but then anyone can stand on it.  So since it's there, might as well toe the line and see what happens.

5 Bold Predictions for 2015 College Football

5 - "A RUNNING BACK WILL WIN THE HEISMAN" - Without debating the downward spiral of the importance of this award, which is not given to the best player, but to the most productive offensive player on the best team, this is a year that Quarterbacks get sacked by the guys behind them.  The list of star ball carriers is long and the race to be the best of that bunch will be the most interesting statistical battle of the season.  The SEC alone has 5 or even 6 backs that could be at the Downtown Athletic Club in December and as many as a dozen nationwide will make a charge at the honor.

4 - "TWO POWERHOUSE COACHES WILL BE FIRED" - Les Miles is a great guy and a solid coach.  But.  LSU under serious pressure to not lose contact with the top of the SEC West.  A 5-7 season in Baton Rouge (not our of the question) would see Miles packing for a move.  He is not alone.  Mark Richt at Georgia, Jimbo Fisher  at FSU (unless he gets a hold of the off field issues), even Bob Stoops at Oklahoma.  This is the downside of the playoff.  If you are a powerhouse the new 'must' is to make the playoff at least once every 4 seasons.  Unrealistic as that may be that will be the marker.

3 - Which leads to... "CHIP KELLY WILL BE BACK AS A HEAD COACH IN COLLEGE" - And that means a couple of powers will be needing new leaders and if the Eagles flame out (or meltdown off the field) under the thumb of the man who made Oregon... Kelly will be #1 on many lists.

2 - "AT LEAST ONE PLAYOFF TEAM WILL HAVE TWO LOSSES" - Former NFL great Randy Cross and I were doing a show together and disagreeing strongly about how the playoff will work out.  Randy thinks 4-6 unbeatens.  I see, maybe 1. That will open the door for a powerhouse team to stumble twice and still win it's conference title game.  And 11-2 SEC champ would be so much n the mix as to be near a lock.

1 - Which leads to... "THE PLAYOFF FINAL-4 WILL BE A SHOCKER" - All the talk about Ohio State, TCU, Alabama and USC - for this season to match last season (think about it... the pre-season favorites in the Big Ten, PAC-14, SEC and ACC all won their leagues and made the playoffs) probably means it will not happen.  If an 11-2 team were to make it the door is open for as many as 25-30 teams to have a serious shot at make the playoffs.  It would no shock me to see Utah, Nebraska, Georgia and Oklahoma to wind up as the teams fighting for the title.  Odds are best that it will be a mix.  Two favorites and two from the '2nd tier' so pay attention to the pre-season rankings form 15-25, bet one of those winds up being picked by the committee.

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