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Five Claims From New Mexico Compound Hearing Revealed

(CNN) -- After hearing four hours of riveting testimony, a New Mexico judge on Monday decided that five adults arrested in the New Mexico compound raid aren't a threat to the community and granted them bond.

Prosecutors had argued the suspects -- accused of child abuse after 11 emaciated children were discovered living in squalor earlier month -- should remain in custody.

Here are five allegations revealed during Monday's hearing:

Missing boy died in religious ceremony, buried in compound

Authorities raided the rural compound two weeks ago in the search for Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj but didn't find him. Abdul-Ghani, whose father, Siraj Wahhaj, is a suspect, died during a religious ritual ceremony meant to cast demonic spirits from his body, according to prosecutor John Lovelace.

The boy's body was washed several times, wrapped in sheets and buried on the compound, Lovelace said. As his body decomposed, the boy was moved to a tunnel beneath the compound, where two of the adults would wash him daily, according to FBI special agent Travis Taylor.

Last week, authorities found the remains of a young boy at the compound on what would have been Abdul-Ghani's fourth birthday. The remains have not been identified.

Boy was expected to return as Jesus

Prosecutors alleged the family came to New Mexico to prepare for Abdul-Ghani's return as Jesus, so they could undertake "violent actions" against the government.

Abdul-Ghani would become Jesus after the demons were cast out, and he would instruct the adults at the compound which "corrupt" institutions to get rid of, such as the military, law enforcement and financial institution, Lovelace said.

She believed the angel Gabriel directed their move from Georgia

Jany Leveille, another suspect, believed she was receiving messages from God through the angel Gabriel that prompted them to move from Georgia to Alabama and later to New Mexico, according to Taylor.

Baby was stolen from her womb, suspect believed

While in Georgia, Leveille learned she was pregnant shortly before Hakima Ramzi became pregnant with Abdul-Ghani, Taylor testified. Leveille believed Ramzi used black magic to steal the baby from Leveille's womb, according to the FBI agent. Leveille believed Abdul-Ghani was that stolen baby.

Ramzi has not been charged in the abuse case. She reported her son missing to Clayton County, Georgia, authorities in December after Siraj Wahhaj took the boy to the park and never returned, according to a police report. Leveille is in a relationship with Wahhaj.

Relative encouraged to 'die as a martyr'

Another suspect, Lucas Morten, delivered a letter to the brother of three of the suspects, instructing him to join them in New Mexico and "die as a martyr," according to Lovelace.

The letter, written by one of two suspects, in part reads, "Allah says he will protect you always, so follow until he makes you die as a martyr as you wanted, and the only way is by joining the righteous (us)." The relative was advised to "take all your money out of the bank and bring your guns," according to a copy of the letter.

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