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Family Of Man Killed By Clayton County Police Demanding Release Of Body Cam Footage

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. (CW69 News at 10) -- A family is shattered and still looking for answers two weeks after police shot and killed a man outside of his home in Jonesboro. They're accusing the police of giving a false account of what happened, and they are demanding justice and transparency.

The family of Charles Calhoun, 68, has more questions than answers about why Clayton County police shot and killed him in front of his own house. "He's a good man. He's not a violent man, and I want to know why they couldn't make sure he was ok," said Sheryl Calhoun, his wife.

"They took my son's best friend. They took my daddy away from me. I want them to know that they took a good man from this world," said his daughter Chelsea Calhoun.

It happened around 5:30 a.m. on March 23, 2022, outside their home on Jenni Circle. Calhoun was reportedly concerned about a potential burglar after hearing noises, and he went outside to check the property. Before walking out of the house, he had called his wife, who indicated she was at her mother's home in Atlanta that morning.

Police say a neighbor called 911 and indicated a man was walking around the street with a gun. Officers arrived and reportedly told Calhoun to drop the gun. They say he refused and pointed it at them, and that's when an officer shot and killed him.

Family members say it's not adding up, and so far, police have not released any body cam video. "My husband, having survived COVID, had problems with his lungs and legs and couldn't hardly walk," said Sheryl Calhoun.

She said a neighbor called her during the police activity, and he told her a man had been shot in front of her home. She said she knew right away it was her husband, because of the conversation they had about a possible burglar. "I truly believe that when he saw my husband sitting there, my husband fell and tried to get back up, because he's fallen so many times," she said.

"We believe that he fell and that as he was getting up that was a part of what led to his shooting," said their attorney, Mawuli Davis.

The family also says the officers were part of a SWAT team and gave no warning before approaching Calhoun from behind the house.

"My pops, he was a great man and took care of family," said his son, Scotty Fuller.

"That's a brother that I'll never get back, and I don't have anymore," said Marcella Biedleman, his sister.

The family says Calhoun had reason to be concerned about a burglar after an attempted break-in in February. As they planned for Friday's funeral, they're calling for transparency and justice.

"We'd like for body cam footage to be released so that we can see, and this family can see and be clear about what happened that night," Davis said.

Clayton County police did not immediately respond to CW69's requests for comment, and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation had no update on their investigation.

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