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Falcons Camp Preview: Does Devin Hester Still Have it?

This past free agency season your Atlanta Falcons signed former Chicago Bears return man extraordianire Devin Hester.

Hester set records in Chicago, not just Bears records, he set NFL records.

In 2010 - Combined Special Teams Returns For Touchdowns: 14

In 2011 - Punt Returns For Touchdowns: 11

In 2013 - Total Return For Touchdowns: 19 (tied Sanders record)

Oh, and he currently ranks FIRST among active NFL players in yards per return.

Now, Hester IS 31 years old. But he's also a three-time All-Pro football player. The question is, since his success has been built on his speed, at 31 years old can he still perform at that level?

Does he still have "it"?

We think he does. There has been NO sign that Hester's speed or skills have been dropping off. The Bears let him go after 8 seasons primarily because they did not think he was worth the $3.5 million that the Falcons were offering him. So therefore they would not match it.

Will he be returning the ball for the Falcons in 5 years? No. That will not happen. But can he return the ball like he has been, and maybe set a few more records in the next 2 years or maybe 3 years with the Falcons? Absolutely. Devin Hester was super fast the last time he strapped on pads and cleats. If he's only "almost super fast" when he straps them on again in a month then he'll do BIG things for the Falcons special teams game and will absolutely be the game changer that Mike and Thomas knew he could be.

What do you guys think? How Hester perform this year for the Falcons?

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