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DryerBuzz: Selma's 50th Anniversay

Today was the #LanguageofMen! First, we got the buzz about the Falcons in the tailgate report with Mark Cooper. Next, Yalanda shared her experience at Selma's 50th anniversary in Alabama. Right here you can listen to an exclusive interview with Georgia Congressman John Lewis and Ms. Lattimore. Congressman Lewis shared his account on that historic Sunday when marching over the Edmund Pettus Bridge and the challenges he faced.

Following that, Yalanda asked the question what was the bloody Sunday before bloody Sunday? Do you believe one single thing happened that lead to those unfortunate events. And, why is Malcolm X left out of the most popular speeches in civil rights history? What are your thoughts?

Check out Yalanda's exclusive interview with Georgia Congressman John Lewis and hear more of the buzz below:

DryerBuzz w/Yalanda Lattimore

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