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Dream Cars Exhibit at the High

My dad has always been a car expert. He loves going to car shows. He loves working on my grandfather's never-aging, 1940's Oldsmobile just for fun--then there's me. I know nothing about cars. The only thing I know is that I enjoy being in them. I'm the type of person that wears sunglasses and a wrap in a convertible, while continuously wishing that my hair would flow in the wind. But that's my dream, which is why I went to the Dream Car exhibit at the High Museum of Art. I thought it could come true somehow--nope.

The Dream Cars exhibit brings together seventeen beautifully crafted car concepts and models from around Europe and the United States. The concept cars that are offered at this exhibition are absolutely phenomenal. The cars were never mass-produced, but they helped automotive designers and builders create ideas that would offer opportunities for cars of the future.

One example would be the vehicle covered in interior leather. Yup, that's a thing--and it's brilliant.

The exhibit is running now until September 7th, and tickets are still on sale. For more information about tickets/exhibit, check it out here.

Definitely make your way to the High Museum of Art to catch this exhibit. You won't want to miss it. Perfect Father's Day gift too. Just sayin'.d


--Wendell Scott


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