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Don Diamont On Returning To 'Young And The Restless': 'Really A Thrill'

(CBS) - Don Diamont is back on Young And The Restless this Thursday as Dollar Bill Spencer. CBS' Matt Weiss spoke to Diamont about his return to Genoa City and reuniting with all of his former castmates.

MW: Hey Don, nice to see you today! Young And The Restless back with a new episode this Thursday, how does it feel to return to the show but as this different character?

DD: [laughs] I was certainly taken aback initially when I was told about it. Overall, just a really great joy for me to have an opportunity to work with some of my former castmates, Peter Bergman, Tracey Bregman. We spent so many years together, they're such dear friends. It was really a thrill for me to have that opportunity.

MW: The fans know you very well of course but what can they expect to see from you in this new capacity?

DD: They will see Bill Spencer in all of his alpha male peacocking glory. He will really want to make his mark, knock everybody a bit off balance in Genoa City. I think the audience is going to get a big kick out of it.

MW: You mentioned reuniting with all your former castmates. How great was that to see all of them again?

DD: It was the best. We work across the hall from each other so periodically we see each other but that's nothing like actually getting back on set and working with them again. It was thrilling. Certainly, nothing that I ever expected.

MW: Was it tough at any point? Did they slip up and call you the wrong name by accident.

DD: [laughs] No, no. Everybody was very professional and very focused on the task at hand. No slipups.

Matt: Very nice. Bill is doing his best to win back Katie in this new episode. What lies ahead for that couple?

DD: He's just begging and pleading. I don't know actually really what the outcome is going to be yet. He is doing his best to win her back.

MW: This season was filmed a different way than the majority of seasons you've done in the past with the protocols and probably not knowing if you're going to get to on set on a  certain day. Can you talk about that experience and what was that like for you who's done this for so long and now it's so different?

DD: We work under very high paced, very fast paced and a high-pressure circumstance normally. Add all the COVID protocol and it's very intense. It's very intense, even more challenging. Just when you thought it couldn't be more challenging, it is. Most importantly we are back to work and we're getting it done. Kudos to all involved.

MW: For all the fans excited to see you, can you just sum up in maybe three words what they can expect from seeing you back on Young And The Restless?

DD: Lots. Of. Fun.

MW: Perfect, I love it. Thank you, Don so much. Awesome talking to you and all the best!

DD: Nice talking to you, thank you!

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