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Dissecting the 'TVD' Season 4 Promo

Good news, TVD fanatics, new footage of season 4 has just been released in a lovely little promo video. For those who have yet to catch up on season 3 (tsk, tsk), you may want to suppress the urge to click play or read this post. Spoilers from season 3 will occur from here on out.

The promo luckily shows all the major characters and teases their plot lines for the next few episodes to come. Watch below:

Let's start off with the main story line: Miss Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) -- what we've been waiting for. Clearly she has a huge choice to make. She's in transition as Bonnie (Kat Graham) describes, "not fully dead and not fully alive." Will she feed and become a vampire or slowly die instead? Stefan (Paul Wesley) has always wished to preserve her humanity, but Damon (Ian Somerhalder) looks as if he wants to quicken the inevitable and turn her into a baby vamp. Did you notice how Stefan screams "no!" rather angrily through iron bars? Perhaps Damon locked him in a prison cell?

Now to Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola), the Barbie vampire. Unbeknownst to Caroline, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) -- a hybrid, half-vampire and half-werewolf -- has inhabited her boyfriend's body. We can only assume that when Caroline pulls off her top, that it's not actually Tyler (Michael Trevino) but rather Klaus watching her strip. Klaus does have a little crush on her, so I wouldn't put it past him to hide his identity in order to catch a peek. I'm rooting for the Caroline and Klaus match-up, but it's a little hard to cheer for either side when Candice and Michael have undeniable chemistry.

As usual, Bonnie's plot seems hinged on helping her friends. Bonnie's fate looks just as murky as Elena's. We see her collapse in front of Jeremy with a bloody nose do to overusing her witchy magic.

A new baddie may be in town. Caroline's mother says, "you have no idea what you're up against" to a ... was that a priest? I think it was.

Catch anything else interesting in the promo? Which character are you most excited to see on October 11th?

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