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DeKalb Partners With Atlanta Rapper Killer Mike To Share COVID-19 Information

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"Stay home if you can. Mask up if you can't."

DECATUR, Ga. – DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond is partnering with Atlanta rapper Killer Mike to emphasize the importance of staying home or masking up if going out during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The CDC is distributing important life-saving information, but the messenger needs to speak directly to communities most impacted," said CEO Thurmond. "Many of our teenagers and young adults live in multi-generational homes, and while they might not get sick from the virus, they could spread it to their parents or grandparents with devastating results."

"I don't want to see people who look like me die unnecessarily because of cabin fever," said Killer Mike. "Let's stay out of them streets. Take it from Mike and Mike: Stay home if you can. Mask up, if you can't."

Currently in DeKalb County, there are 2,569 cases, 72 deaths and 455 hospitalizations resulting from COVID-19.

Zip-code level data of COVID-19 cases in DeKalb provided by DeKalb Board of Health.

DeKalb partners to share COVID-19 information, continued

In DeKalb County, the state of Georgia and across the nation, COVID-19 is disproportionally impacting communities of color through hospitalizations and deaths. CEO Thurmond established a partnership with Killer Mike for an education campaign after witnessing young people packing parks, gathering in large groups and street racing during the pandemic.

"Education and prevention will enhance our response to COVID-19," said CEO Thurmond.

To help prevent the spread of the virus, over the past two weeks DeKalb distributed 7,300 of 10,000 COVID-19 care kits, which include a mask, hand sanitizer and virus information, in communities hardest hit by the virus.

The education campaign is phase one of a plan to reach DeKalb's diverse range of citizens with relevant information in multiple languages.

The advertising campaign will run on radio, in print ads and on billboards. DeKalb plans to spend $200,000 on the total campaign.

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