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DeKalb Co. Judge Delays Decision On Halting Construction On Contested Recycling Center

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. (CW69 News at 10) -- Judge Tangela Barrie heard the case of the City of Stonecrest vs. Metro Green Recycling on Wednesday afternoon at the DeKalb County Superior Court in a virtual hearing.

The city is seeking a temporary restraining order against the company to stop construction on a new recycling center.

After several hours of hearing both sides, Barrie postponed making a decision, saying she needed more information.

Windsor Downs and Miller Woods Residents say they are disappointed.

"I was hoping for a definitive resolution to this case. That didn't happen, and I'm kind of confused and in limbo," said Kamala Gonzales, who lives in Miller Woods.

They've been protesting the construction, concerned about the potential pollution, traffic, noise and lower property values they say the recycling center could cause.

Stonecrest Attorney Winston Denmark told the judge it was the county that indicated the recycling center plans do not meet Environmental Protection Division (EPD) guidelines.

During the hearing, neither the city nor county could specify for the judge what harm the center would cause in the neighborhoods.

"The attorney forgot to mention that there's a whole entire community. We can't sleep at night. Our homes are shaken," Gonzales said.

Metro Green's attorney, Matthew Benson, argued the city has several legal and administrative remedies it could have taken before bringing this to court.

"The city was ill-prepared. He did not have all of the information, he did not have all the facts, he did not present the case favorable for us," said Linda Lee, another Miller Woods resident.

There's no word on the next hearing date yet, but residents say they hope she will grant the temporary restraining order during the next court session.

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