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Former UGA QB and Damn Good Dawg David Greene Talks G-Day

Friend of the station and UGA great David Greene joins Rick and John.

They start things off talking about the QB position in Athens between Fromm and Eason. Rick wants to know if Fromm has any chance to get the starting job over Eason. Greene says Fromm has a ton of upside, but Eason has improved a lot since last season. He talks about what you learn the most from your first vs your second season as a QB. Greene says he is also ready for a player to step up as a receiver and just take over this season.

He talks about having the QBs go live at Spring Practice and if its good or bad. They get his thoughts on Kirbys first season and if anything should be changed. He details the Spring Practice schedules and how important they are. Greene talks about G-day and what he likes and dislikes about it.

Click below to hear Greene with Rick and John.


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