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AUDIO: Virtual D-Led Meets Real D-Led On Dukes & Bell

There was somewhat of a time shift in the space-time continuum today in Midtown Atlanta.

Our esteemed friend and colleague D Orlando Ledbetter dropped by to talk with Carl Dukes and Mike Bell on the Dukes & Bell Show.

The problem is, Virtual D Orlando Ledbetter was already in the building.

What ensued was akin to Michael J. Fox going back in time and talking to himself at an earlier age. Or something like that.

And then, to top it all off, Virtual Mike Smith, former Falcons coach, showed up too. And immediately began asking if "Darryl" had any questions. So the REAL D Orlando Ledbetter got to go back in time and ask Virtual Mike smith some questions just like in the old days.

Confused yet? So are we.

Listen to the insanity here:

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