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CW Weekly Quotables: 'Smoldering Charm'

We highlight the best quotes from your favorite CW shows! Check out the latest quotables below and vote on the show with the best quotes of the week:


Taylor: "Do you think that I'm the kind of girl that's worth fighting for?"
Sophia: "I think you're the kind of girl people go to war for."

"Shouldn't you be following around your human girl like a lost puppy?" Teri to Roman

"Castor took away the one weapon I had against him, the trust of our people. Now a murderer is in charge of our people." -- Roman

The Tomorrow People

"My whole life, I've wanted to be a hero. And I finally found a way." -- Hillary

"You're my world. You're my reason for being, and I am humbled to be back in this home." -- Roger

"Be the leader I promised you'd be." -- John to Roger

"If you're going to have me killed, just do it already." -- John

"They only believed in Roger because you did. You're my hero, John." -- Charlie

The Originals

Klaus: "Think very carefully before you speak. The sound of your voice is likely to make me regret what mercy I've shown thus far."
Marcel: "Yeah, yeah, I'm on your 'who's been naughty list.'"

"I wouldn't stand that close to him if I were you. He's kind of unpredictable. And murdery." -- Josh

"Klaus, thank you for today. For being kind." -- Cami

"She woke in the dark, not knowing where she was or who was watching over her. It was your name she called, and if you can grant her comfort, so be it." -- Klaus to Marcel


Laurel: "You're really cute when you're mopey."
Oliver: "I'm not mopey."
Laurel: "Mopey's your default Ollie. It's part of your smoldering charm."
Oliver: "I do have smoldering charm."

Diggle: "I can't let you out of my sight. And you're sick of seeing me wherever you go so; lurking seemed like a good compromise."
Thea: "Yeah well, it's not."

"You possess true courage. I am truly sorry you did not pass that on to your son." -- Slade to Moira

The 100 

"Everything that's gone wrong is because of you." -- Octavia to Bellamy

"My life ended the day that you were born." -- Bellamy to Octavia

"He made one for me too. Just in case you thought you were special." -- Raven to Clarke

Raven: "Do you love him?"
Clarke: "I hardly know him."

"My sister. My responsibility." -- Bellamy

"It's Octavia. She's probably chasing butterflies." -- Clarke

"I won't let anything bad happen to you, Octavia. I promise." -- Bellamy

The Vampire Diaries 

"You ready to talk about what you did to the love of my life? Someone tore her head right off her body." -- Enzo to Stefan

"Oh, I'm so sorry to interrupt...whatever weird ritual you two were doing, but, I just wanted to de-passenger the great citizens of Mystic Falls using the magical Traveler knife so, hand it over." -- Damon

Damon: "Five words that make me wanna vamp-toss my keys into your chest cavity. Little Gilbert, help me in the fight against my dark side and elaborate, please."
Jeremy: "We can't find it."
Damon: "As in, you lost it?"
Matt: "As in, it's not here!"
Damon: "You're right. Don't invite me in, because I will kill both of you."


"Nothing bothers me more than problems I've already solved coming back to be problems again." -- Catherine

"I never dreamt that I'd be wed to a bastard with an imaginary title." -- Kenna

"Trust is a luxury I can no longer afford." -- Mary

-- Becca Ritchie

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