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CW Weekly Quotables: 'Slay Your Demons'

Every week, we highlight the most memorable quotes from your favorite CW shows! Check out the latest quotables below and vote on the show with the best lines:


"How do you look somebody in the eyes that you care about and lie to them?" -- Grayson

Emery: "Okay we're not going to do this again, the whole 'I can't tell you for your own protection' crap."
Roman: "You're better off not knowing."
Emery: "That's for me to decide. Like it or not I'm in this now. You really wanna protect me? Let me know what we're up against."

"Hey Zoe, you know what your problem is? You talk too damn much." -- Drake

The Tomorrow People 

John: "Sorry, zoning off a little."
TIM: "Is that slang for being preoccupied with one's sexual mate?"

"Folks, this is a Paranormal intervention." -- Jedikiah

"Where is our favorite paranormal exterminator?" -- Russell

"What's the first rule of magic? Never reveal your secret." -- The Founder

John: "You're crazy."
Jed: "I knew I could count on you, kid."

"I designed these instruments, so I can pretty much do what I want with them." -- Jedikiah


Oliver: "How'd you get off the island?"
Slade: "That is your first question?"
Oliver: "Well, you've made it pretty clear that you're not going to tell me where my sister is so, yeah, that is my first question."

Oliver: "They're calling you Deathstroke."
Slade: "That's a bit flamboyant. I like it."

"Well, I told a guy the truth and he got struck by lightening. To be fair, it probably won't happen again. Statistically." -- Felicity

The 100

"This is Earth, Clarke. Anything's possible." -- Wells

Clarke: "So you let me hate you."
Wells: "What are friends for?"
Clarke: "How can you forgive me?"
Wells: "It's already done."

"Was that a dream or did I get speared?"

"Slay your demons when you're awake, and they won't get you when you're asleep." -- Bellamy to Charlotte

"Every night I see him. Your father. He killed my parents. I see his face then I wake up and then see yours. The only way to make it end was to slay my demons. I had to." -- Charlotte to Wells


-- Becca Ritchie

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