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CW Weekly Quotables: 'Little Wolf'

We highlight the best quotes from your favorite CW shows! Check out the latest quotables below and vote on the show with the best quotes of the week:


"Barreling? Me? I'm the picture of stealth." -- Roman

"Why do you always look like you just came from a fight?" -- Taylor to Drake

"I realize that you're a part of my world and in our world we're better together than we are apart." Roman to Emery

Taylor: "I have to know, you are a good guy, right?"
Drake: "No, I'm not, but you make me wanna be one."

The Tomorrow People

"You're absolved, kid. How does that make you feel?" -- Jedikiah to John

"I want to make something of my life. Don't you?" -- Russell

Cara: "You didn't by chance drop Hillary on the train tracks, did you?"
Russell: "Jealousy is an ugly thing."

"Until I figure out how to stop time, I'm sure as hell not going to waste it." -- Stephen

Stephen: "As far as I'm concerned, both the Founder and Jedikiah--"
TIM: "Can suck it."

The Originals

"You know, you've come a long way, Little Wolf. I knew you were tough. I knew you were cunning. But I never knew you were a queen." -- Klaus

Genevieve: "A century ago I dreamed of what it would be like to know you. Now I'm glad I didn't. I might have been naive enough to fall for you, or fear you, but I learned a lot in death. Trust me, Klaus Mikaelson -- it's you who should be scared of me."
Klaus: "I will miss the sex."

"No child of mine will be born in a swamp." -- Klaus

"If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results then surely my quest for your salvation ranks me as one of the maddest of men." -- Elijah to Klaus


"What makes a story work? It is the plot, the characters, the text? The subtext? And who gives a story meaning? Is it the writer? Or you? Tonight, I thought I would tell you a little story and let you decide." -- Metatron

"Bitch, please. You've been God more often than Dad has." -- Gabriel

Castiel: "What's honorable about a miniature bar in a motel room?"
Dean: "Everything."


"I don't think my eye holes line up properly. Is anyone else having this problem?" -- Felicity

"For the record, I hated her before we found out she was a super villain." -- Felicity

"Five years ago I had the chance to use the cure on Slade. I chose to kill him. Everything that's happening now is my fault." -- Oliver

"Sometimes it's people closest to us who lie to us best." -- Laurel

The 100 

"300 people are going to die today because of you." -- Clarke to Bellamy

"No one thought any of us would survive. But we did. You should take a minute to appreciate that." -- Finn to Clarke

Raven: "Abby, they'll float you."
Abby: "Then they'll float me."

"May they be remembered forever, until there is no more pain..." -- Chancellor Jaha

The Vampire Diaries 

Damon: "So, sex dreams about my brother."
Elena: "That's one way to change the subject."
Damon: "Well, figured I'd skip the uncomfortable parts."

Stefan: "You censor your journal? Pretty sure that's against journal rules."
Elena: "And I'm pretty sure you're not the journal police."

"I've got to say. It's good to be seen." -- Kol

"Liv has a twin? Is it possible for there to just be one of someone around here?" -- Damon


"What happens when being a good king means being a bad husband?" -- Francis

"You love a girl! You don't love a queen, or you would allow me to be one!" -- Mary to Francis

Bash: "We're married. We can't be unmarried. I thought we agreed to at least try."
Kenna: "How romantic."

-- Becca Ritchie

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