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CW Weekly Quotables: 'Hope'

Want to relive the best moments from your favorite CW shows? We highlight the most memorable quotes, and you have a chance to weigh in! Support the show with the best quotables of the week by voting in the poll below.


"When we were together you always came first. Still do." -- Grayson to Emery

"You don't know this, but I've come pretty close to death before. And I learned you have to believe you're gonna make it or it's like you've already lost." -- Julia

"My path always leads me right back here. To you." -- Roman to Emery

Taylor: "No baby of mine is living inside a jail."
Drake: "That jail is my home."

The Originals

"I...let this person in. I let her in. I don't let people in. You knew this, and you've taken her from me. I needed her and you've broken me." -- Elijah to Klaus

"This city would have seen you dead, but I will have it your home, and every soul who wishes you harm will be struck down, just as sure as my blood runs in your veins. You will return to me." -- Klaus to Hope

Klaus: "Hello, sister."
Rebekah: "Oh, she looks like her mother. Maybe there is a god after all."
Klaus: "Well she has a hint of the devil in her eyes. That's all me."

Klaus: "In spite of our differences, Rebekah, there is no one I would trust more with my daughter's life. Be happy, sister."
Rebekah: "She will be happy, Nik. I promise."

Rebekah: "What's her name?"
Klaus: "Hope. Her name is Hope."


Felicity: "It was really smart, the way you outfoxed him. Talk about unthinkable. You and me, I mean. When you told me you loved me, you had me fooled. For a second, I thought that maybe you might have meant it, what you said. You -- you really sold it."
Oliver: "We both did."

"You helped me become a hero, Slade. Thank you." -- Oliver

"You can kill me or not. Either way, I win." -- Slade

Felicity: "But I don't want to be safe. I wanna be with you and the others. Unsafe."
Oliver: "I can't let that happen."
Felicity: "Oliver, you're not making any sense."
Oliver: "Slade took Laurel because he wants to kill the woman I love."
Felicity: "I know, so?"
Oliver: "So he took the wrong woman."
Felicity: "Oh."
Oliver: "I love you. Do you understand?"
Felicity: "Yes."

"Gee Sara, you could have called before you assassins into our lair." -- Felicity

The 100 

"You ruined everything." -- Octavia

"These are all acts of war." -- Grounder Leader

"I'll make a warrior out of you yet." -- Lincoln to Octavia

Raven: "Violence is the only thing those people seem to understand."
Finn: "They could say the same thing about us."

The Vampire Diaries 

"You are by far the greatest thing that ever happened to me in my 173 years on this earth." -- Damon

"Friendly advice, when you finally get the girl… don't blow her up." -- Alaric

"Is it a crime for someone so good looking to be so sad all the time?" -- Silas

"I've saved you from metaphorical darkness and actual darkness. I think you owe me a beer." -- Lexi


Mary: "You are the king of France! You no longer have the privilege of obeying your heart!"
Francis: "That's not the kind of king I want to be."

"It isn't fair: the privileges we are given or the prices we must pay for them." -- Mary

"When you are alone and miserable, remember this was the moment you threw your happiness away." -- Leith

"When he had his hands on you, he had his hands on England." -- Catherine

Hart of Dixie

"Wade, last year you drove across the state to tell me you loved me and so I'm telling you, I love you." -- Zoe

"I'm going to find a new beginning... Or an iceberg. Or what comes first." -- Lemon

"Dr. Hart this is your place of business, act like a lady." -- Lemon

"You look like something Hello Kitty coughed up." -- Lemon

-- Becca Ritchie

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