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CW Weekly Quotables: 'Face a Devil Tomorrow'

We highlight the best quotes from your favorite CW shows! Check out the latest quotables below and vote on the show with the best quotes of the week:

The Originals

"Fair only gets you so far, love. Clever gets you further." -- Rebekah

Elijah: "If you're trying to win the girl's trust, perhaps poisoning her one true love was not the most splendid idea."
Klaus: "Well are there anymore inopportune deaths you'd like to wave in my face?"

"I believe when you love someone and that someone loves you in return, you're uniquely vulnerable. They have a power to hurt you. It's like nothing else." -- Elijah

"Kill a demon today, face a devil tomorrow. Count me in." -- Rebekah

The Tomorrow People

"Perhaps you enjoy the thrill of being perused simultaneously by two equally desirous mates." -- TIM to Cara

"I've heard about you sorry existence. Your lives spent underground. You all look vitamin deficient." -- Julian

The Vampire Diaries

Damon: "Think about the worst thing that Katherine Pierce has ever done to you. Toast to the glory of her impending death."
Jeremy: "She fed me to Silas and I died."
Damon: "Doozy."

Elena: "She tried to kill me at least twice."
Caroline: "She did kill me."


"Because I love her, despite everything she's done." -- Francis to Catherine

"My friend died. My heart broke." -- Mary

"Francis is reasonable in all things, but he is relentless in his love for you." -- Catherine to Mary

"You cannot let superstition or fear rule your life. You must be the ruler, taking charge of your own destiny. Marry me. Now. Before my mother can poison you with fear." -- Francis to Mary

"I envied you for so long, and look at us now. You have what's mine and I have your freedom. Well, I plan to take full advantage of it. Long may you reign." -- Francis to Bash

"Happiness is the one thing we queens can never have." -- Catherine to Mary

-- Becca Ritchie

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