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CW Shows: Best Christmas-Themed Episodes to Re-Watch

Sometimes your favorite characters celebrate in seasonal festivities around December. They'll fight over the best trees, decorate their house, or visit Santa at the mall. CW shows know how to celebrate, and I'm here to rank some of the best Christmas-themed episodes to re-watch around the holidays.

1. "Supernatural" -- A Very Supernatural Christmas (Episode 8, Season 3)
In 2007, we were treated to one of the most spectacularly horrifying Christmases ever. A pair of pagan gods (Spencer Garrett and Merrilyn Gann) annually take human sacrifices, and they caught Sam and Dean in their trap. Wearing cheerfully bright Christmas sweater-vests, the pagan gods sweet-talked Sam and Dean as they broke fingers and used wrenches to pluck out their teeth. And to make the episode even better, we were treated to flashbacks of Sam and Dean on Christmas Eve of 1991. For any "Supernatural" fan -- this is a much watch!

2. "The Vampire Diaries"
O Come, All Ye Faithful (Episode 9, Season 4)

Last season, Klaus solidified this Christmas episode as not only a holiday to remember but possibly a top five episode of the entire series. After learning about his hybrids' betrayal, he memorably went on a killing rampage with a sword -- slaughtering all twelve of his once-devoted followers to the song "O Holy Night." But it does not end there. Oh no. Klaus then drowned Tyler's mother to the song "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." These tunes will never be the same.

3. "Gilmore Girls"
The Bracebridge Dinner (Episode 10, Season 2*) 

The tension between Dean, Jess and Rory heightened during a Stars Hollow winter wonderland event. Lorelai invited the townspeople to a feast with Elizabethan costumes. And Jess and Rory snuggled on a horse-drawn sleigh ride, escalating one of my favorite love triangles ever. (Team Jess!)

4. "Hart of Dixie"
Blue Christmas (Episode 10, Season 2)

Zoe almost ruined Christmas Eve for the town, but the heart of the show (pun intended) was Wade and his father, who was the town's Santa. Wade was upset that Zoe looked to his father to "fix" Christmas. He thought his dad was nothing more than a drunk. But in Christmas spirit, they reconciled with a hug.

5. "7th Heaven"
Here Comes Santa Claus (Episode 10, Season 3*)

If you want to avoid the gore of "Supernatural" and "The Vampire Diaires", revisit family-friendly "7th Heaven" for a traditional non-violent Christmas. Each Camden kid had to do a good deed during the holiday season. Matt tackled possibly the most stressful job as a mall Santa, with a jealous elf in tow. Mary volunteered at the soup-kitchen and was happy that a hot boy was recruited alongside her. Possibly the most adorable part of the episode -- Simon was determined to help Ruthie keep her faith in Santa.

6. "Gossip Girl"
O Brother, Where Bart Thou? (Episode 13, Season 2) 

Not necessarily a full Christmas episode, this "Gossip Girl" memorable hour took place during December, the holiday season, and featured Blair Waldorf in winter gear. Win. Win. I'd say this would rank as one of the best episodes of the whole series. Chuck's father shockingly died, and the cast came to his aid while he struggled to grieve for a man that showed more hate than love.

Re-watch (or remember) some of these episodes as you partake in your annual traditions. Happy Holidays, CW watchers!

*originally aired on The WB

-- Becca Ritchie

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