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COVID-19 Hospitalizations Rise From 40 To Over 70 At Tampa General Hospital

TAMPA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) - As COVID-19 cases continue to spike across the state, more and more people are being hospitalized, and for nurses and doctors helping those patients, their job is getting emotionally difficult.

Tampa General Hospital doctor, Jason Wilson, says he's seeing younger patients get sick with COVID-19.

"You still look like you're really hurting and you still look like you're really struggling to breathe. You're sweating, you're tired, I think you're kind of giving out. I think you need a break. I think it's probably time for us to do the work of breathing for you and put you on a ventilator machine," said Dr. Wilson.

This is the conversation Dr. Wilson dreads having.

"We are filling up with unvaccinated patients in our COVID-19 areas. We're finding new places to put covid patients all the time. This is exactly what we were doing last Summer," said Dr. Wilson.

He says he's having that conversation a lot more compared to previous months.

"It's that 'we've done this before feeling' and maybe a little bit of frustration in a sense that we have this thing that we know could stop this with," said Dr. Wilson.

Three days ago, CW44 News At 10's Casey Albritton spoke to Dr. Wilson and asked him how many people were hospitalized with COVID-19 at Tampa General Hospital. At the time, it was a little over 40. Now that number has changed.

"We've gone up again and so we've moved over 50, over 60, over 70 patients," said Dr. Wilson.

He says the majority of patients coming into the hospital were not previously vaccinated.

"The hope, the desire which is tenuous on frustration that these vaccine really prevent most of these cases I'm seeing," said Dr. Wilson.

Dr. Wilson says fear and sadness now fills hospitals like it did in the beginning of the pandemic, but he hopes people will start getting vaccinated more as cases rise.

"If you go back to March, they are tragic then too, but we were doing our best and there was nothing we could have done to prevent it. Now every single death from COVID-19, almost every single death from covid is a preventable death," said Dr. Wilson.

Right now Tampa General Hospital has enough space for all of the patients with COVID-19, but Dr. Wilson says he expects that number to rise over the next month.

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