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CounterPoint Festival--Day 1

It's getting difficult not to feel spoiled by living in Atlanta.  We were already a main stop for tour routing for our favorite bands and artists, but in 2012 the festival circuit took a keen interest in our fine city.  While in a different location this year than the original fest, CounterPoint 2k12 set the standard for music festivals in Georgia.  The heavily EDM line-up from two years ago has translated to CP14, but keeping with the tradition, the artist list is widely diverse.  Where can you check out trap music, dubstep, indie pop and chillwave on one festival ground?  Right here y'all!

The main fest area got underway officially at 4 p.m., but our good pals at Creative Loafing Atlanta curated the silent disco stage with some of our finest local acts to entertain the crowd before the floodgates opened wide.  Hello Ocho and deadCAT were welcome names when CounterPoint released the local stage line-up.  After seeing both bands a handful of times, it was a great treat to see them in the open air atmosphere of a music festival.  The real surprise here was newcomers Ill Poacher.  Their deep and bass heavy tracks prep'd everyone for the biggest party the northside of Atlanta has ever seen.

In an attempt to ease us into the storm of bass, lasers and trap beats that were to come, the main stage kicked off with breezy, west coast vibes from Poolside.  I've seen these guys a few times, sometimes as a full live band, but this time around they performed a DJ set that conjured sunsets on the beach and fruity adult beverages.  Lots of cheers!

With a surprise line-up announcement yesterday, we were graced with a last minute performance by Break Science on the Steeple Stage early in the day.  Combining dubstep, funk and heavy bass, these guys are a main stay on stages in Atlanta.  The crowd was more than welcoming for their first time on the CounterPoint stage.  Their collaboration with Redman is well worth checking out!

Break Science - Who Got It (feat. Redman) by BreakScienceMusic on YouTube

Festival conflicts are always a difficult experience.  The struggle is real real, guys!  Unfortunately, Schoolboy Q and Pegboard Nerds were both playing at the same time.  I legitimately sprinted between both stages to catch a little of both sets.  With Schoolboy Q's Oxymoron record fresh in my mind, his set was exactly what the crowd wanted--turned up west coast hip hop.  Pegboard Nerds went hard with their signature dubby sound of originals and remixes.

The rest of the night was stacked.  Back to back on the two main stages was a unique combo of Big Gigantic, Matt & Kim and Pretty Lights.  Big G feel like local heroes at this point.  Their ATL shows are legendary and last night did not disappoint.  Matt & Kim are the party band of our generation.  Energetic, spastic and quirky, this duo never fail to throw the biggest dance party you've ever seen.

Pretty Lights live is always a unique experience.  I've seen this project as a DJ set, a DJ set with a live drummer and as a full live band.  Atlanta was treated to the live band experience at this year's CounterPoint.  PL's most ambitious album to date--A Color Map of the Sun--came out last year and absolutely benefits from the live band treatment.  The main stage crowd danced, jumped and raged from ten to midnight to tracks from the new record and older classics.  How do you shut down a main stage at CounterPoint?  With fireworks of course!  Absolutely glorious.

To get the full festival experience, you have to be prepared to deal with just a little sleep deprivation.  Music doesn't stop at midnight here in Kingston Downs.  Krewella and Boys Noize played on opposite stages until 2 a.m. and the crowed stayed up to party with them.  Not ready to turn down at 2?  No worries!  CounterPoint has you covered with the silent disco.  A stage that opens up at midnight and doesn't shut down until 5 a.m. where you grab a set of wireless headphones and rage (silently) with a few thousand of your closest friends.

This was just day 1, but we're here all weekend bringing you daily recaps and photo galleries, so check back soon!


Are you here at CounterPoint?  Let's meet up! --> @theactualkurt


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