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Colton Haynes Joins 'Arrow'

TV Guide reported that Colton Haynes, most known for his role as preppy bad boy in MTV's "Teen Wolf" series, will join the cast of "Arrow" in a recurring role. What's more, Haynes will play Roy Harper, and for DC savy fans, that name should be pretty familiar. In the comics, Rory Harper is none other than "Speedy" -- Green Arrow's sidekick who has a bit of a heroin addiction after joining the Teen Titans.

Even stranger, Thea Queen (Willa Holland) has been called "Speedy" multiple times throughout the show. I speculated that she may be Arrow's sidekick since DC has written a girl version of the superhero before. The creators are definitely keeping us on our toes -- in such a good way.

Roy also looks like  a potential love interest for Thea as he is "destined to become a significant part of her life and an important player in the larger world of 'Arrow.'" Sounds as though he'll be sticking around for a while. Unlike the typical posh characters Haynes has played, Roy is described as "a handsome, street-savvy, teenager from 'the Glades,' the harsh, poverty-stricken portion of Starling City." And as a former Abercrombie & Fitch model, starting his career at only 15, Haynes isn't too bad looking either.

-- Becca Ritchie

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