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Coaching Not in Future Plans for Chipper Jones

Chipper Jones has no desire to step into a full-time role with the Atlanta Braves; not as a manager nor as a coach. The newest member of the Baseball Hall of Fame is perfectly comfortable.

Jones joined John Fricke and Hugh Douglas on The Morning Show Tuesday and said he's just fine where he is.

"I could not be more content with my life right now," said Jones. "I have made some fundamental changes. I've got a woman at home that I love to go home to. As we sit here right now, I have no [yearning] to get back in uniform. I lived out of a suitcase for 23 years and I'm ready to put down some roots and spend some quality time at home."

What's the eight-time All-Star got going on that's keeping him from baseball?

"I've got six boys that I have to look after," said the 1999 National League MVP. "I have a TV show, a hunting show that I film for during the fall and the winter. I'm pretty happy."

Just because Jones is in family mode currently, that doesn't mean he's staying away forever. His expertise will still be available to the Braves, but only on a limited basis.

"I've had my toes dipped in the water, you know, with the Braves just a little bit," Jones told Fricke and Douglas. "But that's more of a front-office thing that I really enjoy. Come time, if the Braves have a couple of hitters they want me to look at, they call me. If they have a couple of guys in the minors that are struggling, they call me. Some personnel decisions from time to time [too].

"That's kind of the road I would much rather travel right now because it's a lot of demand to be back in uniform."

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