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Climb The Tallest Mountain In The World In 30 Mins

Credit: Facebook user Mauna Kea Observatory

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Mount Everest gets all the credit, but Hawaii's Mauna Kea (an idle volcano that's been around for, you know, a million years) is technically the world's tallest mountain. Technically. While it stands 13,800ft above sea level, more than two thirds of the hill is actually submerged underwater, which brings the total height to 33,136ft.


Best part of that mathematical sleight of hand is that you can get to the top of Mauna Kea without training, oxygen masks, or even having to ask a dude to carry your fanny pack. All you have to do is sign up for this tour and hop on a mini-coach.


Credit: Flickr user Danny Howard

After getting learned on the island's geology and enjoying a delicious lasagna dinner, you'll make the half-hour drive up a steep incline to Mauna Kea's (which means, "White Mountain", btw) peak. Temps at the top hover around 30F, so you'll be provided with an Arctic-style parka.

Credit: Facebook user Mauna Kea Observatory

Though it's cold up top, the sky's clear for around 325 nights out of the year; chances are good you'll get an unspoiled view.

Credit: Facebook user Mauna Kea Observatory&

Which is why it's no surprise to find 13 of the planet's biggest optical, infrared and submillimeter telescopes up there.

Credit: Flickr user Ed Dunens

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You clearly don't need a telescope to soak in the spectacular sunsets, though. Actually, that would be a terrible idea. Didn't you learn anything in physical science class?

Credit: Facebook user Mauna Kea Observatory

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You know how we mentioned 13 of the planet's biggest optical, infrared and submillimeter telescopes? Well, it's also home to earth's largest astronomical observatory.

Credit: Flickr user Tiffany Mueller

And, of course, this view. Want to experience the heights of Mauna Kea? Book your tour here.Chloe Pantazi is an editorial assistant on Thrillist's travel team. Follow her dreams of seeing a single star in the NYC sky on Twitter: @ChloePantazi.

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