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Chuckery: Don't Fret Georgia Fans… Its Coughlin's Law

Coughlin's Law… Nothing ends well or it wouldn't end…

Prophetic words from the 80's movie Cocktail… And so ends the Mark Richt era as the Head Coach of Georgia Football.  In many ways, this was coming… Maybe not as soon as expected… Maybe not as dignified coming off a win against their instate rival… But Georgia fans I'm here to tell you the time for this had come.

Let's get the niceties out the way… Yes, Richt is a GREAT man, he's been the 2nd best UGA coach in my lifetime, he's a GREAT steward of the program, he's won at a high level, tons of kids have gone on to much success in the NFL…However, there is no denying the puzzle wasn't completed.

2015 proved to be the definition of what the Mark Richt led Bulldogs have become.  In a year where UGA was the prohibitive favorite to win the SEC East and go to Atlanta, they couldn't take advantage of a winning hand.  While 9 wins is great for most programs, the combined record of those 9 wins is 41-75 while they lost to the only 2 Top 25 teams they will play before their Bowl game.  Throughout the season, UGA could never find a QB (make that 2 years running) who could make the plays to propel them over the top despite NFL talent everywhere else on the field.  Add to that in the must win game of the year Richt starts his 3rd string QB and they don't even compete.

Georgia Football has too many positives to settle for less than excellence… A rabid supportive fan base, an Athletic Dept awash in money, a lousy division (currently, but who knows for how long), a new indoor practice facility coming, an expanded Playoff format, top flight recruits, and arguably the 2nd or 3rdbest state in America to recruit from… It wouldn't be hard to argue that now open, it's the best job available in College Football!

Fear not UGA fans, coaches will line up around the block to coach there.  The University and fans owe Mark Richt a debt of gratitude for where he took the program after Jim Donnan… Now it's time to bring in someone to "Finish The Drill" and win that elusive National Title!

Coughlin's Law… Bury the dead, they stink up the joint!

A perfect way to sum up the 2015 Georgia Football season…

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