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Christmas Shopping In Metro Atlanta: Tips For Last Minute Gifts

ATLANTA, Ga. (CW69 News at 10) -- Just like any other year, Metro Atlanta shoppers are hitting the stores at the midnight hour, looking for those last minute Christmas gifts. CW69's Valencia Jones spoke with an expert on how to make the magic happen.

Some shoppers have lots of wish lists to fill. "We've done a little bit. We're gonna have to make a miracle happen," said Evelyn Baranco, whose son was happy to announce he wants an Xbox Series X and some new sneakers.

Baranco was among other Atlantic Station shoppers enjoying the scenery over the weekend and hopping on that last minute shopping train. "I'm kind of late, so I'm kind of trying to figure it out as I go," said Kayla Mills, another shopper.

Fashion and style expert Kahlana Barfield Brown shared some tips to help figure it out. "I do everything at the last minute, so this is nothing new for me. That's why I love stores where I can find multiple items," said Barfield Brown.

She says places like TJ Maxx and Marshalls are one stop shops for getting last minute bargains. "It's really about finding quality items at an affordable price," she said, adding it's also about knowing a person's hobbies. "If it's your daughter and she's into books, [it's about] going straight to that book section. If it's your husband and he's working out, finding great workout clothes."

The pandemic has kept a lot of folks stuck at home, so she also shared a few tips on what to get for them. "It's about comfort, you know. I think it's about athleisure wear, great sweatsuits, great leggings, sneakers."

And don't forget to roll out the earmuffs, scarves and gloves if they're out and about in the cold. Lots of stores have already slashed prices on these and countless other items.

For those who will continue venturing out, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and happy last minute shopping!

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