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Mark Owens 10 Min. Tailgate Tour Ep. 019 Chances of Winning and Traffic Tailgating

Mark Owens is back with episode 019 of the 10 Minute Tailgate Tour.

We kick it off talking about family vacations and if you dont like your family, Disney is not the spot for you. From there its about UGA and a recent report from Dawgs 24/7 on the winning percentage for each football game in 2017. There is no scientific method for why they came up with a specific number, but its head scratching. From there its about another school spending millions to attract recruits. Will mini-golf really get you a 5-Star player? The Bulls hope so.

We touch on Ga. State and the latest from the renovations at Turner Field as they prepare it for football. The new layout will still hold 33,000 and this is just too many for a program that is still young and trying to build a strong fanbase. Finally, Braves prepare for Opening Night at the new SunTrust Park and Mark has some advice: be patient!

Click below for Ep. 019 of the 10 Min. Tailgate tour.



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