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Celebrate This Trend Now: Chic Faux Fur

"Foxy. Foxy." Is pretty much what I shout out after slipping on my faux fur layers. My love for this style has no boundaries. I reach for it in all kinds of colors, textures and prints.


Hi, I'm a faux fur fanatic.

I've even gone as far as transferring my obsession onto my baby girl's wardrobe. Whoops. As of now, I'm currently working on matching faux fur outfits. :) Stay tuned for that masterpiece.

Recently discovering that the fashionista community is celebrating their faux fur obsession RN too gives me all the unity feels - #togtherwestand. In case you're on the faux fur team too, here's some stunning inspo that'll have you adding to your wish/gift list this holiday.

Faux fur styles, I love you just the way you are. Keep on keeping on. ????

Are you celebrating this trend over the holidays?

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