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CBS Sports' Barrett Sallee: UGA Won't Face Alabama in the SEC Championship

Barrett Sallee from CBS Sports joined The Midday Show with Rick and John to talk some college football.

Sallee answered our crop-dusting question saying he is 100 percent against it. He thinks UGA is fourth in the country on his big board, but put a caveat that the 'Dawgs are not better or worse than the teams ahead of them. Sallee believes Miami will win over Georgia Tech, but it won't be by a huge number and they will cover the spread. He said he picked Auburn to win the West before the season started and hasn't seen them do anything yet to change his mind.

We played the Nick Saban rat poison rant regarding the media and what they write about his team. Sallee said Saban used this opportunity to tell his team that they hadn't played very well and it was the first time he was able to do so.

He described how the Sooners will bounce back in the Big River shoot out against Texas this week.

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