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Carl Dukes: "Worst Play Call EVER!"

How do you not give the ball to the most physical running back in the NFL?

His runs have caused earthquakes. He had another historical run this year when playing the Cardinals and with the biggest game on the planet on the line Pete Carroll decided to throw it from the 1 yard line. #FAIL!!!!!!

Marshawn Lynch had over a hundred yards on the night and has proven time and time again that you can count on him.

Dukesism - "When it mattered most" the Seahawks went away from their best player. This will go down in the history of football as the worst call ever only because the Seahawks were at the 1 yard line!

The 1 yard line!

Because of the call the Seattle Seahawks will not be repeating as Super Bowl champions and what's worse they might not ever get back to the big game. This is football, there are no guarantees.

The Seahawks blew a 10-point lead late in the fourth quarter to fall to the New England Patriots 28-24 in Superbowl 49.

With the game on the line and 27 seconds to play in the fourth quarter, head coach Pete Carroll elected to throw the ball at the one-yard line down, four points, instead of handing it off to Lynch. The pass was intercepted, sealing the win for the Patriots. Lynch had just run the ball for four yards to get the Seahawks to the one-yard line.

For the love of God, give the ball to Lynch!

Lynch finished the game with 102 yards on 24 carries and one touchdown. He finished the 2014 postseason with 318 yards in three games to go along with two touchdowns.

The Seahawks went to Lynch early and often on Sunday, but with the game on the line to not give him the ball was inexcusable! Period!

Pete Carroll will have to live with this for the rest of his life. If he didn't over think the situation Seattle would be celebrating their second straight Super Bowl title.

Instead he now has an entire off season to contemplate "what if".

This was by far, because of the circumstances and with so much on the line, THE WORST PLAY CALL EVER.

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