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Carl Dukes: Top 7 Things About Being A Dad On Father's Day

Yesterday was Father's Day and I still remember my first Father's Day, looking into the eyes of my daughter and wondering how her life might turn out and would I be able to play the same role as my parents did in raising me and allowing me to believe that I could do and be anything I wanted. 

I remember getting phone calls and text messages that read  "Happy Father's Day"... I was in the club! The exclusive club of "DAD's".  We have our own language, our body language is different, our demeanor is different. I was waiting on my t-shirt that read "It's a Dad thing, you wouldn't understand"  but it never came in the mail.

My first Father's Day was also special because my Dad was alive and we both got to share the one day. He said to me "Son, being a father is work! But it's the best job you will ever have!"

I took pride in being a father, being able to look at my Dad and say, "I know what you're talking about Dad" (even though I couldn't… not at that point, not just yet).  My father never asked for much, but on Father's Day for me to wrap my arms around him and tell him I loved him always got a smile from a man... a man that didn't smile much.  As a Father now of a little girl that is 10 years old and to receive that same hug from her is indescribable. I wish my Dad was still around to share all the wonderful moments, but I know he is looking down and hopefully saying "Nice job son, I told you it would be work…But it's the best job you will ever have."

So this is what I think are THE things that are great about being a DAD! 

You finally know how your dad feels...

Regardless of the circumstances of your childhood, the moment you go from being "a guy" to being a father you "get it." That is the feeling of what it is to love something more than life itself. You know what it means to love something more than yourself.

Kids make you young again...

Your kids energy doesn't wait on you. You get moving whether you want to or not. And they keep you playing more and seeing the world through the eyes of innocence that we've all worn once.

Being a dad makes you a better man...

I think we all like having the opportunity to be a mentor—to help someone learn and grow. It's inherent in our DNA you get to truly shape a lives.

It's a license to be silly and play...

Having children brings play back into your life. Whether it's wrestling around, dancing, making faces, telling jokes or playing tag—you've got a license to be your silliest.

It awakens you to your global responsibility...

Being a father makes you instantly more accountable and responsible to the world around us.

Someone is truly intrigued by your life wisdom stories...

As a father you finally have someone who is truly interested in all those stories that have bored others to tears for years. 

Being a father softens your heart...

No matter how focused you've been on getting ahead on your career and success—or how hardened your resolve from your own life circumstances, being a father will melt your heart.

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