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Can You Keep Up With Today's Modern Slang?

Are you totes up to date on the meaning of modern slang? A new video testing Americans on their use and knowledge of current slang terms found many members of the public may need a refresher course. Market researchers, OnePoll, took to the streets to quiz Americans on their familiarity with the true meaning and origins of common slang - with some respondents more 'on fleek' than others.

The vox pop was prompted following a survey by OnePoll which saw 2,000 Americans tested on their understanding and grievances with certain phrases. If you ever call your partner 'bae' or complain that you're 'hangry' you're officially using some of America's most annoying slang, featuring among the top 20 slang words that leave the average person irritated. "GOAT" won the award for the most irksome slang term with "bae," "hangry," "Gucci," and "ghost" rounding out the top five.

Other dishonorable mentions included "stussy," "TFW," "totes," and "clap back." Apparently, Americans are too old to use slang at the age of 43, according to the data. While one in four Americans think people who are over the age of 25 are already too old to use any form of slang at all. Thirty-seven percent found slang use in the workplace completely unacceptable and 55 percent were totally against using "lol" in an email to a boss. Nearly half of people surveyed thought it was not as bad to use "lol" when emailing a coworker.

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