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Rick and Johns Busy Busy 5 at 10

Rick and John cover 5000 sports headlines with today's 5 at 10

They kick it off from the PGA Tour Championship and are concerned about making too much noise. John was going to sneak in a sand wedge, but got busted. To the world sports and the Falcons who are preparing for Mondays battle in New Orleans. They talk about new members of the team and injuries that could hurt Monday. From there to they prepare for college football and tonights meeting between Clemson and GT. This is Clemsons game to lose.

To the Braves who stole one from the Mets last night and could have ruined their playoff hopes. Great move by the Braves and for the 400th time, 2017 will be much better for this team. Finally, some NFL news and a starter who may or may not actually be a starter.

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