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Former NFL Coach, Current Commentator and Superbowl Winner Brian Billick

SB champ, Coach and Broadcaster Brian Billick talks 2017 NFL with John and Randy Mac.

Brian talked about how he evaluated players in the 4th preseason game and what their potential was for the team. Brian said the NFC South is the toughest division in football if you base the divisions from the bottom up. Brian told us the biggest cause for concern for the Falcons this season is depth. He also feels like the defense will be better this year compared to last. Brian thinks the NFC is wide open as a conference but believes the Falcons will be in the hunt. Brian also said he feels like the Bucs are poised to make a post season run. Brian explained to us the fine line the NFL is walking in the suspension of Ezekiel Elliott and that someone will eventually challenge the NFL over their rulings.

Brian weighed in on the Matt Stafford contract and the amount of money the Lion have agreed to pay him. Brian told us that Joe Haden is a game changer for the Steelers and will help them get closer to the Patriots. Brian gave us his opinion of the Burfict suspension that was knocked down to three games. Brian believes Coach Mularkey can lead the Titans in the AFC this season with all the tools he has on both sides of the ball. Brian talked about the rookie QB's and whether or not any of the other rookies will start this season for their team besides DeShone Kizer.

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