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Urban One Honors recognizes Bobby Brown and LL Cool J

LL Cool J, Bobby Brown among honorees at Urban One Honors Red Carpet in Atlanta
LL Cool J, Bobby Brown among honorees at Urban One Honors Red Carpet in Atlanta 02:16

ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta Now News) -- LL Cool J and Bobby Brown were among the celebrities recognized at TV One's Urban One Honors Atlanta on December 2, 2022. They spoke one-on-one with Atlanta Now News' Valencia Jones at the red carpet, sharing words of wisdom for the next generation of artists.

The theme for TV One's 5th Annual Urban One Honors is "Celebrating Icons of the Culture." LL Cool J received the Entertainment Icon Honor and Bobby Brown is the Phoenix Honoree. Other honorees include David and Tamela Mann, Pharrell Williams and Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

"It's a blessing. I think it feels good to me, and it also feels good because it shows people what's possible," said LL Cool J, which stands for "Ladies Love Cool James." The two-time Grammy award-winning rapper and actor, whose original name is James Todd Smith, knows first-hand the climb to the top can get rocky. He's encouraging aspiring artists to keep going.

"Not allowing frustration or naysayers to hinder or inhibit, you know, how you go after your dreams is a helpful start," he said. "You can start in one place and take it to another level where dreams don't have deadlines, and you can continue to be innovative."

"It means everything to me. To be recognized for my life, not just the music that I've done," said Brown.

The Grammy award-winning singer and actor has climbed his share of mountains, from his time in New Edition, then as a solo artist and actor. He also shared words of wisdom.

"Just be aware of who you're dealing with. Make sure that when you enter this business, you enter this business with the respect of the culture," Brown said.

They're educating the next generations on what it will take to carry on the music and hip-hop legacy.

"You have to write songs that people care about and songs that are gonna matter in 20 or 100 years," said LL Cool J. "You have to be innovative. You have to touch people in their spirits and their souls and you have to come from a real true place as an artist," he said, adding they should focus on the art first, then the business.

"God has only put us here to do one thing, and that might be music, that might be science, but whatever it is, stay true to it," said Brown.

"Love is love. Believe in the beauty of your dreams," LL Cool J said.

Urban One Honors will air on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, January 16, 2023 on TV One.

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