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Black Lightning Season 3 Ep. 7 Recap

This week's episode opens with Tobias Whale lying in his cell claiming he is something different than a meta. Elsewhere, Jefferson awakes alone and looks at his and Lynn's wedding photos, remembering the argument they had. He calls her, but Lynn does not pick up.

Back at the Sanctum, Gambi tests Anissa and confirms that her powers are back to normal. Anissa reveals a black scar on her arm where Painkiller infected her, to which Gambi promptly tells her to give herself time to heal. Anissa wants to get back to work and Gambi shows her a video of a news report stating the ASA has quarantined Freeland against a SARS outbreak. He and Anissa agree they need to get the truth out to the people of Freeland.

At the ASA, Lynn checks surveillance cameras for Khalil's presence in the Pit, but does not find him. Guards bring Tobias in and once they are left alone, Tobias nags at her, telling her she knows what the ASA will do once she stabilizes the metas. Lynn believes she is giving the metas a choice, but Tobias insists they will not have one as the ASA will use them as weapons along with everyone in Freeland with the metagene. Tobias believes the ASA will distribute Green Light all throughout Freeland and that it will be because of Lynn.

Jennifer goes to Brandon's apartment and they apologize to each other. Jennifer explains that she wants to know what happens when their powers merge and Brandon theorizes that his earth powers may ground her electrical powers. Blackbird visits Jamilah as she prepares a statement about the truth and states she wants to get her message outside the perimeter. Henderson pays Jefferson a visit at home and agrees they need to be on the same page. Henderson states the ASA has taken over Franklin Terrace and is evicting everyone. Mrs. Shephard, their third grade teacher, refuses to leave and needs help.

Brandon informs Jennifer that Dr. Jace experimented on his mother while she was pregnant with him. His mother escaped, but he ended up in foster care after his mother passed away. Sympathizing with Brandon, Jennifer tells him Dr. Jace's last-known whereabouts. Jefferson and Henderson arrive at Franklin Terrace and goes inside to Speak with Mrs. Shepard. Mrs. Shepard reminds Jefferson of the history of her home, what her home means, and that she is not leaving. Mrs. Shepard wants to fight back. Jefferson tells Henderson they are going to make a stand and he suits up as Black lightning.

Anissa brings the footage from Jamilah to broadcast and Gambi explains he needs a radio tower to send the signal. He locates an abandoned facility just as a police report comes in on the scanner, stating Black Lightning is fighting the ASA. Gambi tells Anissa that she should go aid Black Lightning as Thunder as opposed to Blackbird. Anissa smiles and suits up. Thunder arrives and assists Black lightning in pushing back the ASA troops and Henderson announces that he is done taking orders from the ASA. Gambi goes to the facility and encounters a Pod Kid named Baron. He convinces Baron that he is trying to save Freeland.

Back at the ASA, Lynn tells Tobias to help her find a way to keep the ASA from turning the metas into weapons. Tobias says without his blood, the ASA can't stabilize the metas and further explains that if Lynn splices Maryam's camouflage power into his DNA, he can escape. Jennifer informs Brandon that the Markovians have Dr. Jace and in his anger, he causes an earthquake just before passing out.

Baron tells Gambi he can talk to machines and aids Gambi in interfacing his video equipment with the broadcast equipment. Painkiller arrives on the scene at Franklin Terrace and faces off with Thunder. After being kicked through a wall by Thunder, Painkiller takes off his googles revealing his identity. Thunder realizes who he is and knocks him through a window. Thunder heads to the facility and hands Gambi the video from Jamilah. Gambi begins the uploading process, but the signal gets jammed by a firewall. Baron takes over, breaks through the firewall, and the video is uploaded. Lockdown has been initiated at the ASA and Gambi contacts Lynn to let her know they are trying to lock her down. She grabs her stash of Green Light along with vials of the cure, but drops her bag containing them as Gambi guides her out.

Back at Franklin Terrace, the command mimics Black Lightning's power and blasts him with Black Lightning blasting him back. Overwhelmed, the commander's men come and carry him away. Henderson thanks Black Lightning and welcomes him to the Resistance.

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