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Bill Hancock: 'We don't have to deal with what happened in the past'

College Football Playoff executive director Bill Hancock joins Dukes and Bell to talk about:

  • Why Alabama was chosen over Ohio State for the final playoff spot. "One of the tiebreakers is conference championships, and the committee viewed Alabama as a better team and there was no reason to go to the tiebreaker."
  • The criteria the committee looked at
  • The possibility of expanding to more teams in the future. Hancock added that with the contract running another eight years, there are no plans to increase the number of teams in the Playoff. "Everyone feels two games [for the final four] is enough."
  • Was a look into the past taken into account? "That wasn't discussed," said Hancock. "All we had to do was evaluate the team (based on what they did this year) and figure it out."
  • On Ohio State's blemishes: "That game [the blowout loss to Iowa] came up, and came up and came up. It was something the committee talked about over and over again, and the bottom line wasn't the score, it was the fact Ohio State wasn't competitive enough."
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