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Ex. Dir. of CFP Committee Bill Hancock: "Nobody Has Won Better Than UGA"

Big Bill Hancock checks in with Rick and John to talk about the current process of the top 4 and what he sees happening this weekend in College Football.

They start off talking about why UGA ranks #1 for 2 straight weeks and Bill references the win over Notre Dame. He says no team has that big of a win this season, not Bama, not Clemson, nobody. He talks about the stress, but how much he loves his position within the CFP committee. Back to UGA and the questions that remain are few, because of the running game and how UGA shut down ND. John doesn't think Miami and Wisconsin should be outside of the top 4. Bill said for teams like that, you have to dig deeper and Miami struggled while the Badgers have not had a major season defining win. They talk about Bama beating a usually good FSU team, but a bad team hurts your rankings. They wrap up previewing some of this weekends games.

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