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Best Soul Food In Atlanta

If you like collard greens, fried chicken, and other sould food staples (and who doesn't), Atlanta has you covered. We've sorted through the contenders. Our list of the best soul food restaurants in Atlanta includes Busy Bee Cafe, the Colonnade,  and Paschal's Restaurant.

Busy Bee Cafe

810 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. SW
Atlanta, GA 30314

The Bee is practically an Atlanta institution. Feast on their award-winning, savory fried chicken. Try the fresh-squeezed lemonade or the red velvet cake. The Bee is a bit of a dinosaur, unfortunately, one of the last of the old-school, true Southern restaurants. The decor isn't much, but that's ok - the food is the star of the show.

Colonnade Restaurant

1879 Cheshire Brg Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30324
(404) 874-5642

Another vintage restaurant (this one launched in 1927). Enjoy their fried chicken livers in the large dining room. Granted, the Colonnade runs a bit more towards Southern cooking as opposed to straight soul food, but all the staples are here in a comfortable, classic space. The chef isn't afraid of innovating, either - you can oscassionally find kangaroo on the menu these days.

Paschal's Restaurant

180 Northside Dr
Atlanta, GA 30313

Some may say Paschal's is past its prime, is overpriced and has slipped a bit lately, but we respect the history of the place - and the overall quality of the cooking. Martin Luther King Jr. and fellow civil rights pioneers ate here - numerous celebrities have followed in their footsteps. Of course, the fried chicken is the signature dish, though you can also find shrimp and grits, fried catfish and more. It's a more upscale experience than some soul food joints.

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