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Best Places For Knitting In Atlanta

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There is something common to all good knitting shops: the community. Each store is a place to buy brands of beautiful yarn and find new patterns, but they also provide a hub for like-minded artists. The cornerstone to this community is the local knitting class which provides hands-on and personal attention for amateurs. This includes amateurs who have never made anything wearable before in their lives. These five stores are some of the best places to start knitting in Atlanta.


Lovin' Knit Studio and Yarn Shop
255 Village Parkway N.E., Suite 610
Marietta, GA 30067
(770) 612-5648

Lovin' Knit Studios is both a typical and quintessential sewing shop. Owner Pat Capistrant hand picked her location as a destination for people interested in knitting. Nestled in Marietta's cozy Paper Mill Village, Lovin' Knit is within walking distance of many restaurants and shops. Capistrant cultivated a homey atmosphere inside her shop with handmade furniture which displays the wealth of beautiful materials on sale. Lovin' Knit has been around for three years, making it one of the younger shops in Atlanta. Knitters work around a kitchen table which holds a few snacks as well the tools for the task at hand. Like most knitting shops, classes are available for all levels and include the option of one-on-one sessions. This particular shop claims to have a steady stream of first-time students, so if you are looking for a place to get started with others on your level, this is where you need to be.

The Whole Nine Yards
8826 Main St.
Woodstock, GA 30188
(678) 494-5242

The Whole Nine Yards in Woodstock has been around for almost eight years and has streamlined its approach. Compared to Lovin' Knit, The Whole Nine Yards' decor is more classically functional with neat arrangements of skeins in orderly displays. The shop's website is very useful, offering a newsletter, Facebook and Twitter options as well as a blog which chronicles the shop's current events. You can easily check up on the scheduled classes and it also has a special "Sock Guild" which provides an opportunity to try knitting a different designer's original sock pattern every month.

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Yarn Garden Knit Shop
159 W. Pike St.
Lawrenceville, GA 30046
(678) 225-0920

The Yarn Garden Knit Shop in Lawrenceville has been serving the Atlanta area for around seven years. Like The Whole Nine Yards, Yarn Garden Knit Shop provides lots of tools for prospective knitters to see what they will be getting themselves into before they step inside. It provides class calendars, class descriptions and it spares no effort to illustrate what knitting can create with ample photographs online. Yarn Garden Knit Shop provides one-on-one help to those who are interested and also offers special events which feature such guests as Barb Bettegnies, editor of Creative Knitting Magazine.

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Cast-On Cottage
Coleman Village
860 Marietta Highway
Roswell, GA 30075
(770) 998-3483

Cast-On Cottage in Roswell has been around, at different locations, for over 30 years. It is a staple of the community and was featured on CBS' "Better Mornings" show in 2009. The story then was how younger people are getting into the art of knitting. Three years later and the trend is still going strong. There are many different kinds of classes available. Cast-On Cottage invites new knitters to come see what pieces the current classes are working on to get a better idea of what they might like to try.

Needle Nook Yarns
2165 Briarcliff Road
Atlanta, GA 30329
(404) 325-0068

Needle Nook Yarns, located on Atlanta's Briarcliff Road, is one of the city's oldest knitting locations. Needle Nook Yarns was one of the nine stops on the 6th Annual Shop Hops, which takes place in the fall. Knitters tend to stick to one favorite location to knit and buy their supplies, however Arlene Jacobson, owner of Needle Nook Yarns, believes it is important to remain in touch with the greater community of knitting experts. Knitting is an art handed down through families that bonds loved ones together. Needle Nook Yarns and all of these stores are great places to learn and share.

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