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Best Food Trucks In Atlanta

Atlanta's gorgeous weather provides a lot of opportunities for outdoor adventures like art festivals and music fairs. Of course, you need something to eat at these parties, and therefore food trucks have become increasingly popular around town. The food truck parks are also a fun way to get out of the office for lunch with your co-workers without committing to a lengthy wait in a restaurant or busting through your lunch budget. We've selected a few of our local favorites for you to consider. To find out where the trucks can be found, check their websites and Facebook pages.
Mac the Cheese
(404) 226-5729

Sometimes you need the pure comfort food of macaroni and cheese, and Mac the Cheese is the truck that delivers. Whether you want the traditional Just Mac or you go for the spinach and artichoke or barbecue flavors, you will find exactly what you need in this gooey, cheesey fare. There are also generally several varieties of grilled cheese sandwiches on site, from the traditional to those incorporating collard greens. It doesn't get much more Southern than that.

The Pup Truck

Hot dogs are the ultimate street food - tasty, decadent and easy to eat on the go. Naturally, someone created a food truck entirely focused on the delicious dogs. The Pup Truck features around 10 different varieties of hot dogs, from the good old standard to German-style bratwurst, with a variety of toppings. You'll find this truck at festivals, office parks and other events around town.

W.O.W.! - Wonderlicious on Wheels
(404) 626-0390

What's an arepa? Well, if you haven't had one before, make an effort to seek out the W.O.W.! truck to taste one of these savory corn cakes. Choose your stuffing, whether you prefer smoked pork, beef and cheddar or veggie. The truck also has burgers and several different savory bowls, offering yummy takes on shrimp and grits and other traditional flavors. Wendy Cross was inspired to bring the arepas to Atlanta after a visit to her brother in NYC, and the rest is history.

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The Blaxican
(404) 606-3737

With a logo cheerily shouting "Que Pasa, Y'all," The Blaxican offers Mexican soul food that you won't soon forget. You might wonder what exactly qualifies under this cuisine title. Well, imagine jalapeno mac n'cheese and bbq sweet potato fries, for starters. It's an indulgent, rich mouthful that will leave you satisfied and craving more.

Heavenly Dolce
(678) 775-8656

At the end of your meal, you'll probably have a hankering for something sweet, so check out Heavenly Dolce. This truck offers sweet treats like cupcakes and cake pops, which are also easy to eat while walking around enjoying a festival. The flavors vary from day to day, but you're always going to find something worth checking out. The treats are available for parties, as well.

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