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Best Father's Day Gifts To Liven Up Dad's Toolbox

Dad's a handy guy, and his toolbox is already overflowing with hammers, screwdrivers and saws. If you'd like to add to his collection for Father's Day, you'll have to get a little creative. Here are five home-improvement gift ideas that will add something new and different to Dad's tool belt this year.

Magnetic Wristband

Magnetic Wristband
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Could your tool-man use an additional hand to hold stuff while he's working? MagnoGrip's wristbands keep nuts, screws, drill bits and other small metal objects close at hand. Dad can comfortably wear it on his wrist, or if he prefers, attach it to a ladder or other object in his work area. MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristbands are available in four colors, and the company also offers other handy magnetic products, such as tool pouches and drill holsters.

Self-Leveling Line Laser

Self Leveling Line Laser
Photo Credit DeWalt

Whether Dad is hanging cabinets or installing a chair rail, Dewalt's self-leveling line laser can help. This level, which runs on three AA batteries, can be used for creating perfectly straight lines, both horizontal and vertical. It can be set on a sturdy surface, mounted on a tripod or hung from a metal surface with the built-in magnets. The sturdy design makes this a rugged tool that will keep working for job after job.

FLEXiT Light

FLEXiT light
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Risk Racing's FLEXiT light can be used in any number of places. Dad can position the base on a flat surface so it stands up, hang it from the attached loop or use the magnet in the base to stick it to a metal surface. Made of flexible silicone, the light can be adjusted to shine in any direction you'd like. With 16 LED bulbs, the FLEXiT can be set to low, medium or high for just the right amount of light for your project. Whether Dad's working under the hood of the car, outdoors at night or in a dim corner, the FLEXiT will illuminate his project in a bright, hands-free fashion.


Photo Credit Amazon

Does Dad have his sights on building a new deck this summer? Make his project easier with a Bowrench. Instead of fighting with warped boards, he can use this heavy-gauge steel tool to hold boards in place while he nails them down. The result is a more attractive, longer-lasting deck built with less hassle. It's not just for decks, either. The Bowrench can also be used on walls, floors or ceilings, and additional accessories, sold separately, make this tool even more versatile.

Magnetic Stud Finder

Magnetic Stud Finder
Photo Credit C.H.Hanson

Sure, Dad's been thumping on walls to locate studs his whole life, but that doesn't mean he has to continue that way. With C.H. Hanson's Magnetic Stud Finder, deciding where to hang that picture frame becomes a whole lot easier. The rare earth magnets in this handheld device are drawn to metal screws and nails in the wall. Dad can sweep the finder over the wall, and when he feels the pull, he'll know just where a stud is. The magnets will hold the finder to the wall hands-free while he hammers in a nail, and the built-in level helps him position everything exactly right.

For the tool-man in your family, it will be a happy Father's Day indeed with one of these toolbox-expanding gifts.

Meghan Ross is a freelance writer covering all things home and living. Her work can be found on

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