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Best Atlanta Fashion Blogs

What do you do when you're not checking emails or rushing to your next meeting? Many of us read the newspaper, browse the latest magazine issue or just stare into space. Some of us, on the other hand, love to catch up on some of the best fashion blogs written right here in Atlanta. Whether you pursue blogs for personal style or public relations, these Atlanta blogs will keep you coming back.


If you want to visit a blog and instantly get inspired, then Mattieologie is the blog to subscribe to. Mattieologie is ran by Mattie James who has a style of her own. This blog showcases Mattie's eclectic style through everyday outfit posts. Reading this blog will give readers details on what she likes, where she shops, what she wears and who she admires. Mattie's mission is to encourage women to live what they love through personal style. This blog is a must read for those who love things that make women feminine such as dresses, jewelry, make-up and pretty nails.

Simple Living Fashion

Simple Living Fashion makes it easy for people from all walks of life to come together and network simply through fashion and style. Run by freelance marketing and wardrobe consultant Beoncia Dunn, Simple Living Fashion gives viewers a chance to take a look at sumptuous style that she is exposed to on a daily basis. Simple Living Fashion shines light on individuals who are all about presentation and aren't afraid to blend creativity into their personal style. Follow Beoncia around the city of Atlanta to catch beautiful people in simply beautiful fashion sense.

Style Up

Style Up Co.'s blog is run by owner and personal stylist Kaity Moreira and her team. If you are a lover of luxury and fashion, then this is definitely the blog for you. Style Up is well worth the daily visit because it features weekly "What I Love" items, head-to-toe looks and fashion insider content. By following this blog, readers are able to keep tabs on many exclusive, high-profile charity and fashion events in Atlanta. Visit Style Up's blog to get the scoop on upcoming charity collaborations, emerging designer features and the latest from the Atlanta fashion scene

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My Style Vita

My Style Vita is full of chic style being delivered by blogger Jessica. Vita is Italian for life, and this blog is full of it. On My Style Vita, you can catch advice on everyday things like daily outfits, the best Atlanta restaurants and home décor. Jessica is one of those people, just like many of us, who is simply trying to figure out "what am I wearing today?" This blog is one that will help women really make use of the things that are already in their closets.

The Fashionista Next Door

There are many fashion bloggers, but not many of them are like Eboni Saint-Elie. Eboni is the owner and main contributor of The Fashionista Next Door, which is dedicated to the twenty-something women who enjoy reading about affordable, easy, accessible style. The Fashionista Next Door is for those who realize their potential for fabulous style but don't have the time to spend hours at discount stores to find affordable fashions within their budget. Eboni's goal with The Fashionista Next Door is to share her affordable fashion finds with readers and inspire other fashionistas with her personal style.

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