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Behind The Scenes: The Covid-19 Clinic

(CW44 News At 10) - As more Covid-19 testing sites begin opening back up across Tampa Bay, additional help is needed on the frontlines. But what does that hard work actually entail? The team at CDR Health gave us the inside scoop on what it takes to run the Covid-19 clinics that you and your family are pulling up to.

"We've responded to everything from wildfires out west, hurricanes here in Florida, winter storms up in the northeast," said Tina Vidal, CEO of CDR Health/Executive VP of CDR Maguire. "When COVID happened, we got asked to help respond and provide medical supplies and PPE and help with logistics services."

An 80 year old firm, CDR Maguire consists of emergency management and logistics teams. Basically, they're the ones working behind the scenes to help organize many of the testing sites across the Bay area.

"We were able to bring in all the infrastructure from clinical staff to IT and EMR systems to patient registration and scheduling and all of our supplies, doctors to help establish all the protocols," said Vidal. CEO of the health sector, Vidal is no stranger to frontline work.

"I've been in healthcare for over a decade running hospitals and skilled nursing facilities," she said. From supplies to clinical response, her 1,200 person team has provided Florida's testing sites with 2.3 million Covid-19 tests, and more than 2.6 million vaccinations.

"Covid-19 is not going to wait for people and in the 12-16 hours that we wait to stand something up, how many more lives has Covid infected? And so our job is to get in and get in quick," she explained. And because you never know what to expect with Coronavirus, many a times, they've had to pivot.

"I would almost say that that's been the motto of the pandemic. We have become extremely proficient in getting last minute notices as late as 7:00, 7:30 at night and being able to turn a site on the next morning," said Vidal.

Although behind the scenes and sometimes hard to distinguish, her team is made up of some of our most recognizable heroes.

"Our COO was a former lead nurse on a helicopter rescue team. We also have A COO that's a former fire chief. These people are literally used to literally responding to fires. So when we get a fire, we're just really good at going in and putting it out," said Vidal. "We have staff that have driven overnight to get supplies places, have slept on warehouse floors and so I want to say thank you to my team and all the other companies that are out there."

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