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Baller Money Equals Baller Cribs

Kobe is selling his Newport Beach home he routinely takes a helicopter to and from games.  If you have 8.6 million dollars to spare, it can be yours! Also comes with a complimentary Shark tank and palm trees for your enjoyment.

Now that he is retired Ray Lewis put his Maryland home up for sale. If you happen to have $1.1 million laying around it could yours. The house sits on 2 acres, has four bedrooms and comes with an Olympic sized pool.

Alex Rodriguez fancy's himself a real estate guy. He bought a house in Miami for approx $7.4 million, put $7.6 million into and sold it for $30 million. The house has nine bedrooms and 11 bathrooms and sits on the water.

Looking at these houses shows you what money can buy and which sports have the biggest ballers.

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