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Back to School Shopping: Stripe Pants, Old-School Graffiti, Terracotta & More!

Teachers! Students! Cough. Cough. Employee's who need an excuse! This back to school shopping post is exclusively for you.

Before we go any further, it's agreed that you deserve a well supplied stylish wardrobe to kick-start the 2018-2019 school year. Don't feel guilty about owning reliable fashion essentials that will recharge you every day.

I believe that the back to school buzz sort of creates its own fashion season - naturally charged with the possibility of freshness and an endless amount of opportunities. Which is why your back to school wardrobe should be nothing less than uplifting!

There are plenty of cheerful back to school styles listed below, but if we're being honest, the two I'm really into are Michael Kor's new old-school graffiti collection and the simplicity of corduroy   - currently splashing into my shopping cart.

Although it's still scorching hot in Atlanta, don't get turned off by the transitional wear styles coming up in a few scrolls. Better to be prepared with transitional wear than not.

Here are just a few of the winners for this back to school season:

80s Plaid Blazers

Why I love it: Proof that edgy can play with a chic style.

wearing Burberry at the Burberry February 2018 show during London Fashion Week at Dimco Buildings on February 17, 2018 in London, England.

Old-School Graffiti by Michael Kors

Why I love it: An intentional reminder that "You Got This!"


Subtle Stripe Pants


Why I love it: I'm already a stripe addict, but this subtle flavor is a perfect motivator to stop hitting the snooze early AM.


Cozy Flare Long-Sleeve

Why I love it: I like the neutral background with a pop of color thanks to the bold stripe down the sleeve sides.


Camo Upgrade

Why I love it: Look at the pocket detailing! Match made in heaven.


Waterfall Jacket

Why I love it: The modern cut looks insanely adorable against distressed denim.


Flamingo Flip Flops

Why I love it: An opportunity for you to keep up the summer vibes as long as you can!


Statement Sleeve

Why I love it: Looks like these are why I love comfy chic.


Corduroy Dress

Why I love it: Texture. Texture. Texture.



Why I love it: It's navy and a comfy combo all in one!


Terracotta Hue Jacket

Why I love it: The IDEAL transitional color for this season!





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